In-Home Estimates

You can receive an estimate by either completing our quote request form, or by scheduling an in-home estimate. If you decide to have one of our Estimators visit your home, expect the estimate to take between 15 - 45 minutes. Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • Approximately how many miles is it to your new residence?
  • Are there any flights of stairs or elevators at your new residence?
  • Will the truck have accessible parking at both locations?
  • Do you own any particularily heavy objects such as a piano, pool table or safe?
  • Are there any items with considerable value we should be aware of?
  • Will you need to purchase any packing supplies through us?

The Estimator will provide you with a Not to Exceed estimate which sets a maximum price for your move.  This estimate is based on the inventory the Estimator has reviewed, plus all information you have provided. On the day of your move should you decide to add more belongings or request additional pick-ups or drop-offs that were not part of the original Not to Exceed estimate, you may be required to sign a Change Order form.